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Customized Sponsor Relationship Management

Tap into the power of name recognition in the marketplace with assistance from RMG. Through sponsor relationship management, we match businesses with brands that can boost their income. We help sports teams at colleges and universities generate revenue through brand marketing. And, we show teams how to use media streaming to make money on broadcasts of games.

Business Marketing

We help build sponsor relationships for your business with the goal of revenue development. Our firm has the versatility to contact sponsors and discuss your needs. For example, if you were interested in naming rights for a sports arena, we would reach out to sponsors to help with acquiring those naming rights.

A Known Brand

Generate revenue for your amateur or professional sports teams with the aid of brand marketing. We specialize in developing creative solutions that specifically meet your needs. For example, if we were selling $40 million in sponsorships with the Atlanta Olympic Games, we would sit down with the sponsors who are investing and design a program with them. Additionally, we sometimes create leadership programs geared around athletes as part of an effective brand marketing effort.

The Power of the Media

The right media program is essential for effective revenue generation for collegiate sports conferences. When a conference needs help, we link them with a media streaming company such as CNN that has the ability to air all of their sporting events.

We provide digital cameras and show clients how to set them up and use them on the field. Your college or university would then have to organize a staff to produce and air the game with the end goal of viewers paying to see it.